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What is Mum & Baby Yoga?

Motherhood is an incredibly challenging and also deeply rewarding time.

Mum & Baby Yoga gives you the time and energy to meet some of your own, often neglected needs in a warm and supportive environment.

The body undergoes huge change during pregnancy and childbirth. Postnatal yoga focuses on bringing structural integrity back to your body, helping to realign the spine and pelvis. Common problems such as back pain are relieved, and you will also learn breath awareness and relaxation techniques, which help to increase energy levels.



Mum & Baby yoga classes are a wonderful opportunity to practice yoga with your baby, with benefits for both of you. Strength, energy levels and relief from common postnatal problems for mum, and many physical and physiological benefits for baby.

What our mums say

“My daughter and I loved Vicki’s Mum & Baby Yoga classes. It was a warm, welcoming and friendly environment, with a safe play area for the little ones. I really enjoyed the poses for the mums and also how Vicki managed to involve the babies in the yoga too.  We were free to attend to their needs (such as feeding) and our own throughout the class. I really appreciate how Vicki really took the time to get to know us and our needs personally, as well as getting to know our little ones. A great way to do something for ourselves at the time when it is most needed”

Catherine and Ruby

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